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Access to the Hielo Azul and Barda Negra top.

Glaciar track
trekking on the glacier
Lago Natación and Cajón del Azul circuit
guided tour to top

Hielo Azul.
This top is located 2250 meters over the sea level.

From the Hielo Azul top you can see the Osorno and Puntiagudo Chilean volcanoes, The Tronador Hill and many other mountains of the range as well as the Bolsón Valley. 
It has two used access. The shortest goes through the Glacier. It is a technical excursion due to the equipment you need to go through the glacier and andinst knowledge. 
The common one is longer but without technical difficulties other than the sense of direction and some mountain experience. The first part of the track goes in the Lago Natación refugio direction. Then onwards the forest is left behind, west direction climbing over an edge you should follow till you get to the top. This access is not marked reason why is recommended to have mountain experience.


Barda Negra.
This top is 2150 meters over the sea level. It is a part of the Hielo Azul Massive and is located on the south side of the Glacier.
There is no need of technical knowledge or equipment to go through the common access. The track is not marked. Nevertheless with common sense it allows you to access a beautiful top from which you can admire the Raquel River Valley, the Glacier, the Chilean Volcanoes and other range tops. 
If you think, according to your knowledge that you are capable to go, inform yourself at the refugio.