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Glaciar track.

Click on the map for a printable version of the circuit.
trekking on the glacier
Lago Natación and Cajón del Azul circuit
Guided tour to top
Access to the Hielo Azul and Barda Negra top

This is a three to four hours walk. There is no need to take your bag as you return to the refugio on the same way you have climbed. 
The glaciar is not seen from the refugio (west side) thow you can clearly see the track that goes by the lagoon that surrounds it. 

Hielo Azul Base, as the glaciar is named, is located 1700 meters over the sea level. 
The track is different than the one used to climb to the refugio. From the refugio onwards, the tall forests gets to an end and you walk over stony ground so the way will be more complicated. 
The whole track is marked with red and yellow dots painted over stones and yellow and orange small flags on the last 500 meters.

Walk level: Difficult to really difficult, depending on the traveller´s experience. It is recommended to go to the refugio and ask for information to the refugio keepers before climbing.

– Do not get near the glacier front walls 
– Do not walk over the glacier without ice equipment
– In the beginning of summer the lagoon might be covered with snow and ice. Do not walk over it because its endurance gets weaker every day. 
– Climb and return back through the marked track
– Do not climb the walls. If you are climbing you are on the wrong way. Just go back to the nearest painted mark and return to the track.