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Cajon del Azul circuit.

Click on the map for a printable version of the circuit.
Glaciar track
trekking on the glacier
guided tour to top
Access to the Hielo Azul and Barda Negra top

This circuit allows joining the Hielo Azul, Lago Natación, Cajón del Azul refugios and others far away without the need to go back to El Bolsón town. 
The track is marked in the same way than the one used to get to the Hielo Azul refugio, red and yellow marks painted on round small sheets.
To begin the circuit you have to go back ten minutes on the same way you got to the refugio until you see ¨Lago Natación¨ sign and an arrow indicating to turn to your left.

Right away you reach the Teno stream which you cross over a fallen tree. It has a red rope as a rail.
Afterwards you will find a steep climb that lasts about fourty-five minutes. As soon as you reach the small hill you can see a lagoon that you will border by its left. The track turns to the west (left). Five minutes later you reach a deviation. The track on your right indicates to Wharton, a farm from where you can go straight back to El Bolsón Town and the left one which follows the track you are walking through and goes to Lago Natación Refugio. Ten minutes more and you will get to the Natación Refugio. In order to continue to El Cajón del Azul Refugio you should border the Natación lake by its right following the red and yellow marks. You cross some prairies surrounded by trees and then start an abrupt descent through a Lenga forest.
In about twenty minutes you cross over a stream that comes from the Natación Lake and in twenty minutes more you reach a viewpoint from which you can see the Azul River Valley. 
From now onwards the descent is really steep and you will walk through different kinds of forest. Forty-five minutes later, when the steep descent comes to an end, you reach to a wide track, the common access to El Cajón del Azul refugio. Turn to your left. 
In about fifteen minutes the track joins the Azul River where it turns to the left and gets narrower. There is a steep climb for about twenty minutes. Then you cross over the river through a wooden bridge and walk by some prairies and fruit plantations till you reach the refugio. 

Unevenness: 1400 meters
Walk level: Difficult
It is recommended to register and inform yourself before climbing.

– In summer season, begin the trekking from Hielo Azul before 2pm, so as to profit the sun light till the end without any difficulty.
– Carry water from the main streams, Teno and Desagüe del Lago Natación.
– Walk on the marked tracks (red and yellow marks)
If you get lost, return to the last seen mark and look for the other marks on trees.
– Do not make fire or camp away from the indicated areas.